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FLWMD Mission Image. Photos of typical clouds and grass found in the Everglades

Everglades Works of the District (EWOD)


Welcome to the EWOD portal.  This on-line water quality data submittal system was created to offer data providers an alternative, more interactive method for providing their information than was available when dbf files are submitted via email or regular postal mail.

The system gives the data provider two ways to submit their data:

  • Manually enter the data and submit it via the web.
  • Upload an existing file (CSV file format) and submit it via the web. 
This portal allows data providers to more effectively submit as well as manage their data -- by offering view, edit, and delete windows for submitted data.

At the same time, data providers will continue the option to continue to submit their data in the original .dbf file format.

You must be a registered user to access this application.  If you are having difficulty logging into the EWOD system or have questions, please contact Everglades Technical Support at Everglades_Technical_Support@sfwmd.gov.

Click here for the User Guide