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Lake Okeechobee Water Levels
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Water Levels & Navigation

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bullet NAVIGATING the LAKE OKEECHOBEE WATERWAY: info from the US Army Corps of Engineers

bullet NAVIGATION WARNINGS: from the US Army Corps of Engineers

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For information regarding Lake Okeechobee regulatory releases, visit www.saj.usace.army.mil/

The big lake is a drinking water source for lakeside communities, and a back-up source for east coast wellfield protection.

Because the lake is like a shallow bowl with an uneven bottom, changing water levels also change the size of, and accessibility to the lake. Water levels often fall because of evapotranspiration, which is highest in warm months, and can outpace seasonal summer rains.

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Lake O water level/size changes

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Current Conditions & Water Levels

bullet Comparative Lake Okeechobee Levels - Graph showing levels over the past two years [PDF]

bullet Weekly Comparative Lake Okeechobee Levels Graph - by Corps of Engineers [PDF]

bullet SFWMD Current Lake Level - The current average stage level for Lake Okeechobee

bullet Lake Okeechobee Stage Area Capacity - (LOSAC) Charts and graphs on historic (1984-2004) capacity levels

bullet Historic Lake Levels - Graph of lake levels from 1931-2008 [PDF] (posted 2-26-09)

bullet Stage Hydrograph - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - A graphic view of the Lake Okeechobee stage over time.

bullet Lake & Vicinity - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - A Water Report for Lake Okeechobee and surrounding areas.

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