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A public workshop was held on Tuesday, August 15, 2006 to discuss our research and how we use the results in our regional-scale modeling. The topics were similar to the questions we asked external scientists as they reviewed our DRAFT Technical Paper.
- Minutes from Workshop - Aug. 15, from 9 to 4.
- NEW: Just The Facts on Long-Term Climate Variability  and its impact on SFWMD Computer Modeling [ 1 pg. PDF, 112kb]
- NEW: Consideration of Long-Term Climate Variability in Regional Modeling  for SFWMD Planning and Operations [ 3 pg. PDF, 32kb]
- NEW: Updated Technical Paper   (9/01/2006 - included within the 2007 SFER/South Florida Environmental Report) "Consideration of Long-Term Climatic Variability in Regional Modeling for SFWMD Planning & Operations"
- Technical Paper (6/4/2006 DRAFT)  "Consideration of Long-Term Climatic Variation in SFWMD Planning and Operations"
- Statement of Work   for Five External Reviewers of the Technical Paper
- Report summarizing all external reviews   by *Dr. Rafael Bras
- Reports from external Reviewers:
---Dr. Rafael Bras
---Dr. John Dracup
---Dr. James Heaney
---Dr. Gerald North
---Dr. Eric Wood
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