Small Business Enterprise Directory Disclaimer


The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Directory displays businesses currently certified by the South Florida Water Management District. There are three ways to locate a certified SBE:

1. Company Name: Enter the first letter of the company name or the full company name.
2. County: Choose a county from the dropdown menu.
3. Industry Name and/or Commodity Code: Type in the material/service you are looking for or the commodity code (e.g. Computer or 205-40).

You may also use any combination of the above methods as well. (For example if you are looking for all the SBE's in Palm Beach County that provide hauling services choose Palm Beach County in the drop down and type in 'hauling' in Commodity Code.)

Once the search has displayed the results you may click on any company name for detailed information about that company. To return to the search results click on the plus sign next to the word Results above the vendor information or you can begin a new search.


This SBE Directory is a listing of small business enterprises certified by the District. This Directory is to be used by prospective bidders/proposers when intending to respond to District solicitations containing SBE competitive solicitation preferences. Please note this listing may not be a complete listing for each type of business as updates are made daily. This listing is not a certification or representation of the qualifications of the SBE's listed below. Finally the District does not accept any liability for any loss or damage caused by any of the companies listed herein.

If you have any questions regarding the Small Business Enterprise Program, please call the District's Procurement Department SBE Section at (800) 472-5290, option 2.