Well Construction Permits
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A permit is required prior to the construction of all new wells and the repair, modification or abandonment of an existing well regardless of the size. The permit ensures that wells are built by licensed water well contractors and conform to water well construction standards within the State of Florida.

The South Florida Water Management District, or its Delegated Agencies, issue permits for water and monitor wells. Please see the Permit Submittal Locations document for contact information and permit submittal locations within SFWMD.

You will need a Well Construction Permit for:
  • New wells
  • Repair or modification of an existing well
  • Abandonment of a well
  • Test wells
  • Monitor wells
  • Test holes that will be converted to a water use well

An application for a water well construction, repair, modification or abandonment permit in Monroe County, Charlotte County, and for wells greater than 12" in diameter in Broward County can be submitted via the ePermitting Home page by selecting Application Submittals/Water Well Construction. Well Completion Reports may also be submitted through this system for all counties.

A consumptive water use permit (WUP) will also be required if the well is being used for any purpose other than what is listed below:
  • Wells for single family homes of duplexes with one well,
  • Firefighting wells,
  • Reclaimed water use wells,
  • Wells using saltwater with chlorides of 19,000 mg/L or higher,
  • Test holes that are not going to be converted to a water use well,
  • Oil or natural gas wells,
  • Wells for prospecting, mining or quarrying,
  • Wells to dispose of oil brines,
  • Wells to repress oil or gas bearing formations,
  • Wells for storing petroleum, natural gas or other products,
  • Wells for temporary dewatering of subsurface formations for mining,
  • quarrying or construction purposes,
  • Class I, II, III, IV and Class V Groups 2-9 Underground Injection Control (UIC), and Class V Group 4 Injection wells associated with aquifer remediation projects.

If required, a WUP will need to be issued before a water well construction, repair, modification or abandonment permit will be issued. An application for a WUP can be submitted via the ePermitting Home page by selecting Application Submittals/New, Modify, Renew. More information can be found on the Consumptive Water Use Permits page.

If you have any questions or require assistance regarding Well Construction Permitting or Well Contractor Licensing, please contact us at wells@sfwmd.gov or (561) 682-6930.

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