Well Construction Permits
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A Well Construction Permit may be required before a well is installed. This permit ensures that wells are built by licensed water well contractors and conform to water use permit standards within the District.

Our staff are required to determine if the proposed well(s) will:
  • Provide a reasonable and beneficial use
  • Not adversely impact the environment or any existing legal users
  • Reflect what was permitted in the water use permit, unless there is an exemption

There may be additional considerations.

A District water use permit is not required for single-family homes or duplexes, although smaller wells often require a permit from the county health department. Firefighting water wells and saltwater use or reclaimed water use wells also do not need a permit.

If a well construction permit application does not correspond to the withdrawal facilities listed in the water use permit, then the water use permit will need to be modified to reflect the change in facilities, or the well construction permit application will need to be modified. These modifications can slow the permitting process.

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