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Water reuse plays an important role in water resource, wastewater and ecosystem management in Florida. When reclaimed water is used, it eases the demand on traditional, often limited, sources of water. By recycling or reusing water, communities can still grow while minimizing or even reducing their impact on the water resources around them.

Water reuse involves using highly treated domestic wastewater for a new purpose. Reclaimed water systems are continually monitored to ensure the health and welfare of the public and the environment are protected.

Using reclaimed water also reduces discharges to surface waters, recharges ground water and postpones costly capital investments in the development of new, more costly water sources and supplies.

Reclaimed water is an excellent water source for:

  • Irrigating golf courses, residences, highway and street medians and other landscaped areas
  • Meeting urban demands for water to wash cars, flush toilets and maintain ponds and fountains
  • Meeting industrial and commercial demands for water at power plants and for various processing and/or washing needs
  • Irrigating food crops, such as citrus and soybeans, and irrigating crops and pastures for livestock
  • Creating wetlands and enhancing restoration
  • Recharging groundwater

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Map: Water Reuse Facilities in South Florida

Florida leads the nation in water reuse, with 727 million gallons of reclaimed water reused per day. Within the South Florida Water Management District's 16-county region alone, 110 water reuse systems produce and reuse 278 million gallons of reclaimed water per day.

On the map below, zoom in or type a location in the search bar to see water reuse infrastructure operating throughout South Florida. You can click on a facility, pipeline or reclaimed water user to get more information.


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