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The Governing Board appoints the agency's Executive Director (subject to approval by the Governor, and confirmation by the Florida Senate). The Executive Director carries out the Board's directives.


Reports to the Governing Board
Photo of Blake Guillory
Blake C. Guillory, P.E., Executive Director
Contact: Lourdes Elias
As head of the state's largest water management agency, Mr. Guillory leads the District in carrying out its mission to balance and improve water quality, flood control, natural systems and water supply across the region. Under his direction, the agency provides flood protection to South Florida through one of the largest water management systems in the world; works with utilities and stakeholders to develop long-term water supply plans; and is implementing landmark restoration strategies to improve water quality, expand water storage and restore more natural flows to America's Everglades. Background Profile »

Timothy Beirnes, CPA, Inspector General
Contact: Ann Haga
Mr. Beirnes is responsible for planning and overseeing objective reviews and evaluations of agency operations and taxpayer-financed programs. This independent position reports directly to the Governing Board. Background Profile » 


Reports to the Executive Director
Len J. Lindahl, P.E., Assistant Executive Director
Contact: Haley Koptak
Mr. Lindahl oversees the agency's core mission functions: water management operations, maintenance and construction; water resource science, engineering and planning; Everglades restoration; and regulation. Background Profile » 

Daniel DeLisi, Chief of Staff
Contact: Lourdes Elias
Mr. DeLisi guides the District's external affairs, with a focus on intergovernmental outreach, constituent relations, public communications and Governing Board operations. He also oversees the real estate and administrative mission-support functions of the agency. Background Profile » 

Kirk L. Burns, General Counsel
Contact: Jennifer Aiton
Mr. Burns provides and oversees legal services in support of the agency's mission responsibilities. Key program areas include legal counsel and research, negotiations and dispute resolution, resource protection rulemaking, litigation and preventive law. Background Profile » 


Division Directors
Terrie Bates, Water Resources Division Director
Contact: Haley Koptak
Ms. Bates manages the agency's scientific focus on ecosystem and technology research, water quality monitoring and analysis, water supply planning and resource evaluations. Background Profile » 

Doug Bergstrom, Administrative Services Division Director
Contact: Lourdes Elias
Mr. Bergstrom manages the day-to-day business/administrative support operations for the entire District including budget, performance metrics, finance, procurement, information technology, facilities and human resources. Background Profile » 

Karen Estock, Field Operations & Land Management Division Director
Contact: Candy McCulloch
Ms. Estock manages the operations and maintenance functions conducted by the agency's eight field stations to provide year-round water management system readiness. She also oversees the District's canal and levee rights of way and stewardship of public lands. Background Profile » 

Jeff Kivett, P.E., Operations, Engineering & Construction Division Director
Contact: Candy McCulloch
Mr. Kivett manages around-the-clock water control operations and monitoring of the regional water management system and coordination with local entities. He also oversees the inspection and refurbishment of existing facilities, along with the design and construction of new projects and infrastructure. Background Profile » 

Thomas M. Teets, AICP, Office of Everglades Policy & Coordination Division Director
Contact: Haley Koptak
Mr. Teets coordinates, develops and implements comprehensive policy and projects to preserve, restore and protect the South Florida ecosystem while recognizing the needs of external constituents and stakeholders. He oversees interactions with the agency's restoration partners at both the federal and state levels. Background Profile » 

Sharon Trost, P.G., AICP, Regulation Division Director
Contact: Haley Koptak
Ms. Trost manages the agency's regulatory programs, which help protect, manage and improve regional water resources. The District's streamlined permitting process and online database provide ready access to historical and current regulatory information, including pending applications. Background Profile » 

Bernard J. Ward, SR/WA, Real Estate Division Director
Contact: Andrea Schluter
Mr. Ward manages all of the District's real estate-related transactions (acquisition, sale, lease, exchange/swap, etc.). Public land is integral to fulfilling the agency's mission of environmental restoration, flood control and water supply. Background Profile » 

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