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NOTICE – Lobbyist Registration

Effective July 1, 2014, a person may not lobby a water management district in Florida until such person has registered as a lobbyist with that district by filing a registration form.
Please click here for more information on the lobbyist registration process.
Please click here to view the registered lobbyist database.

A Commitment to Open Government

The South Florida Water Management District is committed to open and transparent two-way communication with the public we serve. That includes avoiding technical jargon and speaking plainly about what we are doing, what we are planning to do and what our activities mean to YOU.

Participate in the Process

We encourage the public to participate in the decision-making process and to be actively engaged at whatever level they choose. We hold meetings in locations throughout our 16-county region, and whenever possible, we make them available for viewing via webcast on our home page or videoconference.

Share Your Views

We offer a variety of opportunities, formal and informal, for the public to share their views on any water resource issue. Contact us by email, phone, fax, letter, electronic bulletin boards, formal public records requests or by speaking at public meetings.

Representatives of community, local government, business or other stakeholder groups also provide invaluable insights and perspectives while serving as members of advisory committees and task forces.

Lobbyist Registration

During its 2014 session, the Florida Legislature passed Senate Bill 846 to create Florida Statute 112.3261 entitled, "Lobbying before water management districts; registration and reporting." Effective July 1, 2014, the bill requires each water management district in Florida to:

  • Develop a lobbyist registration process
  • Post a database to the district's website of currently registered lobbyists/principals
  • Be diligent to ascertain whether persons required to register have complied
  • Not knowingly authorize a person who is not registered to lobby the district

A person may not lobby the SFWMD until such person has registered as a lobbyist with the District Clerk's Office. Such registration shall be due upon initially being retained to lobby and is renewable on a calendar-year basis thereafter. The Florida Commission on Ethics has the authority to investigate sworn complaints that a lobbyist or principal failed to register with the SFWMD or knowingly submitted false information in a registration.

To complete registration, please fill out the lobbyist registration form and principal's authorization according to the instructions in the link below. Both completed documents should be submitted to the SFWMD Clerk. NOTE: A separate registration must be submitted to each water management district that an individual intends to lobby.

To cancel a current registration, please complete and submit the SFWMD Lobbyist Registration Cancellation form. Cancellations may be submitted by either the lobbyist or the principal.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Our Governing Board, which makes policy for the agency and represents both local and regional interests, meets every month. The Board also schedules special meetings to seek public input on the agency's budget and important initiatives.

Advisory groups and local, state and federal government partners meet at our facilities. We also host meetings on water management topics throughout the region and the state.

The SFWMD participates in a number of local and regional community, business and public events within the 16 counties included within our boundaries. Links to meeting schedules are listed below. Live webcasts (if available) are posted on our home page shortly before meetings begin.


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