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Code Description                                  
---- ---------------------------------------------
!    "Normal" limits exceeded                     
<    Unknown but less than the value shown        
>    Unknown but greater than the value shown     
?    Questionable (Do Not Use)                    
A    Accumulated (rainfall)                       
C    Instrument calibration occurred              
D    Details in asssociated BK data annotations   
E    Estimated                                    
H    Non-standard method (water quality)          
I    Inserted (estimated) during data processing  
J    Estimated (water quality)                    
L    Line-Average                                 
M    Missing                                      
N    Not yet available                            
OS   Offscan                                      
P    Provisional data subject to revision         
PT   Summary computed from partial record         
R    Rainfall was observed (for evaporation data) 
S    Original had more than 5 significant digits  
SD   Stale (reading may not be current)           
T    Trace of precipitation                       
U    Uncertified by SFWMD (continuous data series)
V    Verified by independent method               
X    Included in next amount marked 'A'           
Y    Provisional use for regional scale modeling  
Z    Not appropriate for regional scale modeling  
Query returned 26 record(s).    

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