Electronic Transaction Agreement

  By creating this account for the electronic submission of permit applications and compliance data, you agree to the following terms and conditions for conducting such electronic transactions. By creating an account, you are not required to conduct future transactions electronically. If you do not agree with the following terms and conditions, then you will need to apply for a permit by paper and physically submit responses to requests for additional information and compliance data.
  a. Payment Required Upfront
  Electronic payment is required at the time of submittal of the electronic permit application. Electronic payment shall be made by electronic transfer of funds, Visa or Mastercard.
  b. Required Information
  All required fields of the application must be filled in to submit an electronic permit application or compliance data.
  c. Receipt of Application or Compliance Data
  An electronic transaction will not be completed until the electronic permit application or compliance data is received by the District in a manner capable of being stored and printed by the District. Pursuant to subsection 28-101.001(2)(e)2., F.A.C., you are responsible for any delay, disruption or interruption of the electronic signals and accept the full risk that the document may not be properly filed with or received by the District. If you inhibit the ability of the District to store or print the electronic application or compliance data or if there is an error in its transmission, then the submittal will not be considered to have been received by the District. Upon submittal, the District will send you a submittal confirmation number. The District recommends that you keep the submittal confirmation number until you receive a receipt of application. Upon the Districtís successful receipt of the electronic application or compliance data, the District will send you a receipt with a summary of the information received by the District (including the permit application number where appropriate). The District recommends that you keep the receipt for future communications with the District.
  d. Districtís Business Hours
  Filings or submittals received after 5:00 p.m. shall be deemed filed or received on the Districtís next regular business day.
  e. Errors in Submittals
  By electing to submit a permit application or compliance data electronically, you are responsible for any delay, disruption, or interruption of the electronic signals and readability of the document, and accept the full risk that the District may not receive the submittal or may receive the submittal with errors.
You are responsible for preventing and correcting all errors in your submittal. Please note that both before and after submitting an application, response to request for additional information, compliance data, or other submittal, you will have an opportunity to review a summary of the information and data. After receiving the submittal confirmation, the District strongly recommends that you print out and review the summary of your submittal to ensure that all the submitted information and data is correct. You must promptly notify the District of all errors in your submittal.
  f. Change in Address Information
  You are responsible for promptly notifying the District of any changes to your telephone number, mailing address, or e-mail address. If you fail to notify the District of changes in your telephone number or addresses and the District is unable to contact you, then your permit application may become subject to denial.
  g. E-mail Correspondence Regarding Application or Compliance Data
  Any e-mail correspondence regarding your application, including, but not limited to, submittal of additional information or compliance data must be addressed to: epermits@sfwmd.gov.
  h. Electronic Signature
  Electronic signatures are legally valid and recognized by law. Typing in your name in the signature block and clicking ďsubmitĒ is the electronic equivalent of signing your name. When more than one signature is required on an application, the person electronically submitting the application must attach a PDF of the scanned application form page containing the other required handwritten signatures.
  i. Public Records
  Anything submitted or saved on the Districtís e-permitting website is subject to the public records law in Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, and therefore made available to the public and media upon request. The original physically signed version of any document filed by electronic transmission shall be retained by you in accordance with subsection 28-101.001(2)(e), F.A.C. and Chapter 119, Florida Statutes.
  j. Acceptance
  The terms and conditions of the permit application comprise a legally binding contract between the Applicant and the District. If you do not accept these terms, you may not submit or file electronically.