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NOTE: The values shown below are displayed in Eastern Standard Time (EST). While water levels are monitored 24 hours a day, some gauges listed on this page may be temporarily out of service.
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  • "db" link is to DBHYDRO information
  • "JN/SITE" locations can be a Junction (JN) or Site
  • Hydraulic Element Set (HES) name suffix designate the control types of -C (Culvert), -P (Pump), -L (Lock), -S (Spillway), or -F (Flashboard).
  • Upstream, Downstream, and Flow data are in black color if the value is recorded in last one hour. Purple if between 1 and 24 hours. Brown if more than 24 hours old.
  Flow - (cfs)     Stage - (Feet, NGVD)
Gates - (Opening in Feet)
Weirs - (Crest Elev Feet, NGVD)
Pumps - (Revolutions per Minute)
G345 G345-C 13.45  13.02  16.10   16.10            
G348 G348-C Unavailable   Unavailable   Unavailable   NA              
G349A G349A-P 9.84  15.22  All Pumps Off 0   0            
G349B G349B-P 10.90  9.86  All Pumps Off 0              
G349C G349C-P 9.69  13.51  All Pumps Off 0              
G350B G350B-P 10.95  14.11  All Pumps Off 0              
G360B G360B-C Unavailable   Unavailable   Unavailable   NA              
G406 G406-C 15.01  12.45  .01   .01            
G410 G410-P 10.96  13.58  All Pumps Off 0   0            
G507 G507-P 10.97  13.42  All Pumps Off 0