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Date Summary Description
11-AUG-2021 Nutrient Load Data Added Total Nitrogen and Total Phosphorus Daily Load data are available at many water control structures. Provisional load values are calculated each morning for the previous day. As more recent flow or concentration data become available the values are updated. Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen loads are stored with data type code TP_l and TN_L respectively. Load data is stored under the station name of the associated flow data.
20-APR-2021 Added Groundwater Temperature Data Type Code Data type code H2OG was created for groundwater temperature. Data sets for stations of type WELL and data type H2OT have been updated to data type code H2OG. H2OG is considered a water quality data type for search purposes.
08-APR-2021 DBHYDRO Insights Released A new interface to DBHYDRO is released at https://apps.sfwmd.gov/dbhydroInsights. Both the legacy DBHYDRO Browser and DBHYDRO Insights will be available until such time DBHYDRO Insights achieves feature parity considering aspects of the legacy program may become obsolete.
08-AUG-2019 Simplified choices in water quality interface When choosing "Get Sample Data" from the main menu, the collection method and matrix list of values are now based on what is actually available for the selected project(s) and/or station(s). For instance, if there is no autosampler data available for the project (or station or region) selected by the user then the autosampler collection method will not be available for selection.
20-JUN-2019 Compass bearing added to list of nearby stations Compass bearing (direction) is added to the nearby stations list (a.k.a. vicinity stations list). In additon to the distance in miles to a nearby station, the user is now informed of the direction to the nearby station.
31-MAY-2019 Simplified Access for Daily Values For years, users have had to assemble data from multiple database keys (dbkeys) to form a continuous period of record of discharge for a single database station. To improve ease of use and consistency of DBHYDRO data, starting December 2, 2019, for each FLOW station the DBHYDRO database will publish one and only one continuous period of record data set for SFWMD-computed mean daily and instantaneous discharges. Recorder type PREF is not affected by this change. A table is available upon request listing old dbkey(s) and the newly created single dbkey that is the replacement. The data in the old dbkey(s) will be retained in DBHYDRO but will no longer be added to, updated, maintained or published online beginning December 2, 2019. Users must update their database queries and customized reports by December 2, 2019 to avoid any disruption to their DBHYDRO activities. The newly created single dbkey data will reflect any flow rating changes, reprocessing of data, and resolution of conflicting data during the assembling. Please contact us at: https://www.sfwmd.gov/user/1552/contact for any help regarding the changes to DBHYDRO.
23-MAY-2019 Water Quality Full Report new fields Two columns have been added to the DBHYDRO Browser water quality data Full Report: Collection Agency has been added to right of LIMS Number and indicates who collected the sample. Filtration Date has been added to the right of DCS and is the date the sample was filtered in the laboratory. Additionally, the Collection Date and Source columns were unnecessarily wide and have been shortened to reduce whitespace.
12-JAN-2018 Added "published_flag" for dbkeys Published_flag added as an attribute to dm_keyref and keyword_tab. DBHYDRO Browser and data access stored procedures are updated to only select data where published_flag=Y. By default a data set has published_flag=Y. At the time of this implementation all dbkeys are set to Y.
11-JAN-2018 Cosmetic improvements Removed excessive borders and added striping to tables to improve readability. Added station "types" to the Metadata and Reference Tables page. Added site name to the Time Series list.
19-DEC-2017 Graphing identifies provisional data Provisional data on hydrographs is marked with an * to distinguish it from data which has undergone routine validation procedures.
19-DEC-2017 Improved Hydrogeologic Data Reports Reformatted all interactive (screen) reports for hydrogeological data.
Added report field for hydrogeologic document citations where relevant.
Improved auditing of hydrogeologic database table changes (internal use only).
28-NOV-2017 New and improved web map Version 2 of the environmental monitoring web app is released. Improvements include:
1. New default basemap,
2. Simplified layer list,
3. Addition of Filter and Save Session widgets,
4. More robust Add Data widget, and
5. Video tutorials.
18-APR-2017 Enhanced multimedia display list Improved functionality of multimedia display list to simplify navigation and add capability link to URLs.
31-MAR-2017 Pixel id added to dbkey information list Recorder type NRG data sets are gage data augmented with radar-based rainfall. The pixel id (grid cell) data used is now referenced in the Time Series Detailed Information page.
22-MAR-2017 Font size increase in reports Increased font size in numerous reports for improved readability.
20-MAR-2017 Hydrogeologic Summary Report enhancements Added hyperlinks to station information and USGS NWIS Web for screen output. Tidied up formatting on file output.
14-FEB-2017 Well construction details report additions Added NAVD88 land surface elevation and elevation accuracy fields to the well construction details report. The description of the method of acquisition of the land surface elevation is improved.
23-DEC-2016 Provisional date display improvements Added provisional date to SFWMD time series when dbkey detail is displayed. End dates in dbkey (Time Series) listings now incorporate provisional data. Check Time Series Detailed Information, by clicking on the dbkey in the DBHYDRO time series list, to display the date after which data becomes provisional.
26-JUL-2016 Added web map icon and link to main menu 1. Added web map link to the main menu.
2. Improved access to instantaneous values (aka breakpoint data).
3. Added access to Evapotranspiration and radar-based rainfall data for public users.
4. Added provisional date to time series information to aid in understanding that recent data may be provisional.
5. Modified the Aquifer list of values to sort in order of hydrogeologic depth.
6. Improved hints upon mouse hovering over various fields.
02-JUN-2016 Availability of new web map Access DBHYDRO via a web-enabled map: https://apps.sfwmd.gov/WAB/EnvironmentalMonitoring/index.html
07-AUG-2014 Menu, Reporting, and Web Services Updates Water Quality Full Report includes field QC and flagged data by default. Web service is updated in the user guide with additional water quality url parameters. The retired "Advanced" Water Quality query is superseded by new options on the Report Selection Page.
28-JUN-2014 URL changes URLs containing the string dcvpplsql have been replaced by the string dbhydroplsql.
26-JUL-2012 Menu look and feel 1. Improved layout
2. Improved access to continuously recorded water quality parameters (WQ sondes)
3. Added Google Earth capability (zoom in first on map and then turn on placemarks for best performance)
4. Improved access to metadata/look-up lists
5. Added hint text upon hovering on selected main menu items
6. Added new, and retired obsolete, search parameters
7. Minor bug fixes
8. Updated User Guide
05-APR-2012 Graphing Support for Statistical Summaries Graph support for statistical summaries has been added as a valid report destination. The supported formats are:
     1. One Value Per Row
     2. Composite Monthly Summary
     3. Duration curve, Histogram and Cumulative Distribution
     4. Daily Norms
     5. Month-by-Month Summary
     6. Year-by-Year Summary
05-APR-2012 Report Options Renamed Report options have been renamed to be more descriptive.
Old NameNew Name
Month - Year Matrix Format (Format 1)Month - Year Matrix
Month - Year Matrix Format (Format 1 with Detail 4)Month - Year Matrix with Detail
Single Time Series Format (Format 6)One Value Per Row
Multiple Time Series Format (Format 7)Multiple Daily Values Per Row
Single Time Series Format (Format 8)SHEF .E Format
05-APR-2012 Graphing Improved Significant enhancements have been made to the graphing utility to improve functionality and response time.
23-FEB-2012 "J" Qualifiers The "J" data qualifier, in accordance with Florida Administrative Code 62-160, may now be seen on continuously recorded water quality parameters. These parameters include pH, water temperature, specific conductance, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. The "J" qualifier will be applied retroactively, and the former "E" tags on WQ data will be replaced with the "J" qualifier.
14-FEB-2012 Annotations for Instantaneous Data South Florida Water Management District data validation and verification procedures provide analysts the ability to annotate data with comments. These annotations are now linked into the Format 6 data retrieval report for instantaneous data. This capability applies to data sets with agency "WMD" and frequency "BK" (breakpoint).
14-FEB-2012 Uncertainty values reported with chemical analyses Uncertainty values associated with each test measurement are now reported in the DBHYDRO full report (not all tests will have uncertainty values calculated).
28-OCT-2011 DBHYDRO Browser User Guide updated A new section on web services has been added to instruct users how to create their own direct links to DBHYDRO data
22-FEB-2010 Elimination of use of dbkeys for WQ sample results After consultation with users and IT staff, use of dbkeys for analytical chemistry results, and field parameters collected simultaneously with samples, has been discontinued. The data will continue to be accessible via all other means (e.g. project_code, station, test_number/name, matrix, sample type, method...). This change does not affect hydrologic data. This change will allow the depth at which a sample is taken to be null as necessary and as permitted by certain business rules.
21-JAN-2009 Better Access to Well Information When viewing station information, if the station is of type WELL, a link to Well Info is provided. Following this link brings up the Well Summary page which provides a complete set of links to all information in the database regarding the subject well.
21-MAY-2008 Water Quality Data Qualifier Enhancement Beginning April 1, 2008 all data qualifiers are stored in the remark code field in the DBHYDRO database, not just the one qualifier deemed to be the most relevant or severe. This rule applies not only to newly added data but also to data corrected after April 1, 2008. By retaining all qualifiers we ensure that: 1) the NELAC compliant processes that the lab follows are reflected in DBHYDRO and 2) data assessments, for any purpose, are better facilitated. In addition, a legacy practice of copying the remark code, if "fatal", into the flag field has been replaced by simply placing a "yes" in the flag field. End-user queries are unaffected because the queries only differentiate between flags which are null or not null. All qualifier and comment information pertaining to data validation and assessment is in the remark code and comments fields. Users may continue to filter their record sets by retrieving data where "flag is null" and will receive the same records from the database as they would have before the change.
29-MAR-2005 Travel Info added to Station Information The travel information to get to a station is now available on the internal DBHYDRO Browser.
29-MAR-2005 Capability to query more stations Increased the of the station list field used to query by station name
29-MAR-2005 Format6 and Format7 Report enhancements Format6 and Format7 reports will now only report the dbkeys that actually have data within the period requested.
29-MAR-2005 Enhanced query capabilities User can now select from Surface Water, Meteorologic and Ground Water or can combine therein.
29-MAR-2005 Banker's Rounding incorporated in Water Quality In the Full Report under Water Quality the field SigFig Value is the value represented using significant figures and now bankers rounding has been applied.
29-MAR-2005 New and Discontinued data sets for all disciplines User now has the option to select new or discontinued data sets for all disciplines.
29-MAR-2005 Link to USGS web site If a station has a USGS id, a link to the USGS web site is available under the Time Series Detailed Information page accessed by clicking on the DBKEY hyperlink.
29-MAR-2005 DBKEY hyperlinks on Query Date Selection page The DBKEY hyperlinks are now available on the DBHYDRO Query Date Selection page.
09-FEB-2005 NEXRAD Added mapping capability to Radar Based Rainfall
14-OCT-2003 Updated User's Guide The User's guide was updated to include new functionality.
18-JUL-2003 Lat-Long and X-Y seach parameter for SITE Listing Lat-Long and X-Y search parameters added to "Search by Site Name" option of Browser to list Sites based on user criteria.
18-JUL-2003 Station Info Page orientation Station Info page is displayed in form format for a single record and in tabular format for multiple records.
18-JUL-2003 Format 1 report available in PDF format. Year-Month Matrix Report aka Format1 tabular report is now available in PDF format. This will help users to print reports directly from their PC without struggling with page setup and font issues.
17-JUN-2003 Lat-Long and X-Y seach parameters for Station List Lat-Long and X-Y search parameters added to "Search by Station Name" option of Browser to list Stations based on user criteria.
28-APR-2003 Batch mode option available for IVG and Extract Under "Data Validation and Processing Utilities" option of the main menu, IVG requested can be submitted in batch mode.
28-APR-2003 Station_Reference Listing page can call IVG Page User can pick stations on the Station_reference Listing page and call IVG Page directly. This will bring up IVG page filled up with selected stations.
28-APR-2003 Breakoint Flow feature added to DBHYDRO Browser Under "Data Validation and Processing Utility" option, new links are added that will allow users to get breakpoint flow by Site_Id or Station_id. At this time Breakpoint flow option allows user to get 15 minute, 1hour or daily flow values. Breakpoint flow page supports online mode as well as batch mode option.
27-FEB-2003 Search parameters added to query Station Reference Now user can get listing of Station_Reference information based on various search criteria like "Station_Id", "Site Name", "Application Name", "Parameter Code", "Technician" and Agency.
27-FEB-2003 Vicinity Station hyper link added to Station List On the Station List(Station Information) page of the DBHYDRO Browser new hyper link called "Vicinity Stations" is added. This hyper link will give list of Stations with in 5 miles from selected station in the order of distance from selected Station.
07-JAN-2003 OLECAS added to Water Quality section The Online Environmental Chemist Assistance System (OLECAS), which identifies potential outliers from the SFWMD lab results has been added to the Water Quality section.
07-JAN-2003 Format 8 added to tabular data option Format8 is added to tabular data option for hydrological and meteorological data. The format8 report is based on the Standard Hydrometeorological Exchange Format specifications. The Standard Hydrometeorological Exchange Format (SHEF) is a documented set of rules for coding of data in a form for both visual and computer recognition. SHEF was designed for interagency sharing of data, visual and machine readability, and compatibility with anticipated receiving databases.
07-JAN-2003 New Water Quality Report - Outlier Summary The Outlier Report uses the same algorithms that are used on the OLECAS report to find potential outliers test results based on the historic data for the Project/Station/Test combinations.
07-JAN-2003 New Water Quality Report - Station Summary The Station Summary Report lists information pertaining to a station along with the summary information about of each test performed at the station.
07-JAN-2003 Hydrogeological Data Available Online Hydrogeologic data is now available online. This data is from the District's Well Information and Lithological-geophysical Maintenance Application (WILMA).
01-NOV-2002 Prevent externals from accessing WQ QC data. Added a hidden parameter to Water Quality to prevent externals from accessing field QC data. Lab QC data is kept with the laboratory.
01-NOV-2002 Save Time Series Listing Added a button to Surface Water/Meteorology and Groundwater to allow user to save the Time Series Listing to a comma delimited file.
01-NOV-2002 Use existing parameter file in WQ Main Menu Added a link to use existing parameter file in Water Quality Main Menu
01-NOV-2002 Units added to test name lists in WQ Added the units of the tests to the test name lists in Water Quality.
01-NOV-2002 NELAC Certification page to WQ Report page Added a link to the NELAC Certification page to the Water Quality Report page.
01-NOV-2002 Modifications to Water Quality data file Removed the line after the column headings, Removed the total records retrieved line at the end of the file, changed the date formats to MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI to make the date MSAccess friendly, change to column heading to Total Depth to T Depth from T. Depth as the period caused an error in Access97
01-NOV-2002 Sort Time Series Listing Under Surface Water/Meteorological and Groundwater, the user can sort the Time Series Listing by clicking on the column heading.
06-AUG-2002 Guest Book added to DBHYDRO Browser footer Guest Book added to DBHYDRO Browser footer
05-AUG-2002 Hydrogeologic data accessible from DBHYDRO Browser A new main menu link has been added to provide direct access to Hydrogeologic data. This option facilitates access to information on over 9000 wells. This includes construction data, hydraulic test data, lithological data, geophysical data and time series data.
15-JUL-2002 Water Quality time series data accessible In the previous version of DBHYDRO Browser - Water Quality interface, the user could access only sample data from DBHYDRO. The new version of DBHYDRO browser allows the user to retrieve water quality sample as well as time series data from DBHYDRO.
15-JUL-2002 User can select Time series order by column In the previous version, time series was displayed in order by station. Now the user has the option to order time series by other columns like dbkey, data_type, etc. The default order by is still station.
15-JUL-2002 Option for user to skip time series list In the previous version of dbhydro browser, the user had to pick the time series (dbkey) from the time series list. Also if your selection criteria had more than 100 time series matching, there was no way to get your data in one report. In the new version, you can you can give your selection criteria and then skip the time series list to go directly to the report option page.
15-JUL-2002 Batch mode option for Large data requests DBHYDRO Browser is a web interface and works great in online mode for small and medium sized data requests (less than 10000 rows). When the user requests large data sets then online mode may not be efficient due to internet speeds and your session may just hang. To overcome this problem, DBHYDRO Browser allows the user to submit a large data request in batch mode. These requests are processed immediately on receipt and the user is notified by email once it is completed. The notification email to the user contains a URL that will allow user to download data file. The file is zipped on the server to minimize the download time. During normal operation your request should take less than 30 minutes to process. However in some cases it may take several hours to process your request.
15-JUL-2002 New report for Water Quality flagged data New report is added in the Water Quality interface to get flagged data. Flagged data is considered to be unusable for normal purposes.
15-JUL-2002 Lat-Long, section-town-range now part of reports All the reports in the DBHYDRO browser will include lat-long. Format 1,6,7 and special reports will also include township, section, range and period of record.
24-APR-2002 Multiple values in "Search by station and Site" "Search by station name" and "Search by site name" now allow users to enter multiple values in text field as query criteria.
24-APR-2002 Additional hyperlinks for Station_Reference detail Application specific additional information for station_reference like station_reference_sg2, station_reference_sg4 etc is now accessible from Station_Reference page.
24-APR-2002 DBKEY added as search parameter for WQ interface Users can use now DBKEY also for getting Water Quality(WQ) data in the DBHYDRO Browser. Accessing WQ data using DBKEY is available through Advance interface only.
24-APR-2002 Users can now book mark/copy URL from Report Page In the earlier version of DBHYDRO Browser, generation of report/plot was submitted as "POST" to the web server, this prohibited users from book marking report generation page, sending report generation page URL in emails etc. In the new release, these calls are made using "GET" method which allow users to book mark page and send URL in emails
10-APR-2002 Application now keep log of query search criteria To analyze the type of queries run against DBHYDRO database, this application now keeps a log of search parameters in query_request_log and query_log_request_parameters table. Along with parameters it also stores timestamp and IP address
10-APR-2002 Check if JavaScript is enabled in the web browser DBHYDRO Browser will not work properly if user's web browser does not support JavaScript or JavaScript is disabled by user. DBHYDRO Browser now checks for JavaScript in user's web browser and display's message to enable JavaScrip.
28-MAR-2002 Parameter help as Popup window now. On the "Select Search Parameter" page, when the user click on parameter name, the parameter definition is displayed in the small popup window rather than displaying it in the new full size page. This provides user with looking at many parameter definitions without navigating out of "Select Search Parameter" page.
18-MAR-2002 File upload working File upload option stoped working around Dec'2001, after we upgraded web server from OAS4.0 to Oracle9iAS. This option is now working again in DBHYDRO Browser.
18-MAR-2002 FAQ Link added to DBHYDRO Browser footer. FAQ Link added to DBHYDRO Browser footer. We are consolidating more FAQ's from users and this page will be updated with more FAQ's soom.
18-MAR-2002 Multiple breakpoint DBKEY data on the same page. In the Single Timeseries amd Multiple Timeseries report format, breakpoint DBKEY data be displayed on the one page. In the earlier version of these reports, only one bkpt dbkey data was displayed one at a time.
18-MAR-2002 More information for structure configuration table New structure configuration tables added to DBHYDRO Browser are dm_weir_gate, dm_weir_box, pump_case7, dm_open_channel_calib and pump_case8.
09-FEB-2002 Daily System Storage Report and Daily Rainfall Rep These two reports that were avaliable to external users through REMO can be accessed from the DBHYDRO Browser. These reports can be accessed from the "Miscellaneous Items and Report" hyperlink on the home page.
09-FEB-2002 Re-organization of items on the Main Page To keep the List of Items on the Main page within one page, some of the items on the "Main page" are re-organized. For this purpose, we added a new item on the "Main Page" called "Miscellaneous Items and Report". Items such as "Flow Data Change Audit" and "New and Discontinued Data Sets" are now accessible from this new item on the "Main page".
09-FEB-2002 "What's New" moved "What's New" that was image hyperlink previously is now part of the footer.
09-FEB-2002 Changes for deployment on XWEB Changes are made to the applicaion to display Header, footer and other functionality depending on the deployment location (XWEB,IWEB). e.g. "Data Validation and Processing Utilities", "Flow data change audit" etc. will not be shown to external users.
26-DEC-2001 Added Real Time option in Main Menu New option called "Real Time Data" is added to the Main Menu of the DBHYDRO Browser application. This option will allow the user to browse real time telemetry breakpoint (instantaneous) data for STGs, GATEs, PUMPs and BOARDs from the District's Operations Control IMS database.
26-DEC-2001 Added "What's New" On the Main Page of the DBHYDRO Browser application,"What's New" link is included. This link will display to the user new features added to the DBHYDRO Browser in the last 30 days.

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